Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hope Youth 2009 Achievements on You Tube

In addition to our work online, local services are offered in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. Hope Youth are kids who come to us to do community service who stay on as volunteers or they are kids who want to make a difference in their community. Strawberry Plains, Tennessee is a rural area outside of Knoxville in Jefferson County. A slideshow is on the player on the right of the screen.

The kids who we work with in Strawberry Plains range from high functioning scholars at the top of their high school class to kids who can barely read. Some come to us from Appalachian type of settings with a poverty mindset. Others come to us from Knoxville with different cultural backgrounds.

Hope for Healing.Org is a Christian organization. We give out Bibles when requested and answer questions about Christianity. It is ever our goal to interfere with the cultural or religious background of the individual in Strawberry Plains or online. Our desire is to foster an atmosphere of understanding and mutual respect.

The kids seem to enjoy their time at Hope for Healing.Org and learn life-changing skills. We think that's pretty cool. How about you?

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