Monday, December 28, 2009

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009

For this article we're going to take a look at our top articles for 2009. The list may surprise you. Each title is a link to the main article where you can read more. All of The Hope Blog top articles of 2009 were based strictly on the website traffic each article generated.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #10
A two-way tie.

10) Domestic Violence vs Sexual Assault; Is there a difference? Survivors sometimes struggle with deciding if they are a victim of domestic violence or of sexual assault. Sometimes the decision is easy. Other times the lines are blurred. This article helps shed light on the difference.

10) Author Thomas Edward on Voices of Hope. Another top author is welcomed to the internet radio airwaves. His book, Healing a Man's Heart is both inspirational and motivating.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #9
9) Sponsorships Provide Christian Books to Women's Shelters. From the moment a victim of domestic violence decides to leave being in a shelter is tough.Going through the legal process can be just as hard emotionally as shelter life. Having a copy of Does God Still Love Me can help a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault have more confidence. Church groups, youth groups and individuals can sponsor one copy or several (at special sponsorship pricing) that will be given to their local women's shelter.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #8
8) Recovery from Rape  This article outlines a general process for those who are recovering from rape or sexual assault. It covers family support, flashbacks and more.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #7
7) Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shoppers Raise $$$ for Charity. Links for affiliate programs that help keep Hope for Healing.Org online. These links are part of our ongoing fundraising efforts. None of the purchases from the links cost the buyer any more than they would normally pay. Check out the article for more information.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #6
6) Chattanooga, Kingsport and the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. This article chronicles some of the achievements  of the past year. Read it and be inspired. This article is proof that you can have a good life even after sexual assault.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #5
5) Books on Domestic Violence in the Parsonage. The placement of this article speaks for itself. That it placed so highly is an indicator of how much people are looking for this information. If you know a pastor's spouse feel free to refer them to the above link.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #4
4) James Landrith Rape Survivor and Activist on Voices of Hope. This isn't just one of our top blog articles but also one of our top segments of Voices of Hope. James was an interesting and lively show guest.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #3
3) About our Voices of Hope Guests. Voices of Hope is the internet based radio show that we began in 2009. It remains one of our most popular outreach tools. Guests have included advocates, experts, authors and abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #2
2) Christmas for a Strawberry Plains Family. A donor made it possible for a single mom with 4 children to have gifts for Christmas. The donor is an average person who wanted to help. The family had fallen through the cracks for other programs that were offered. The mom said that without this person's help the children would not have had a visit from Santa.

The Hope Blog Top Articles of 2009 #1
1) Channon Christian and Chris Newsom Murders; George Thomas Trial this tragedy involved the Knoxville, TN rapes, murders and carjacking of this young couple. George Thomas was the third person out of 5 to go on trial for his involvement. His part in the crimes earned him the sentence of Life Without the Possibility of Parole.

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James Landrith said...


I was honored to be asked to appear on Voices of Hope. I am humbled that my appearance was considered one of the top segments.

Thank you for allowing the time to highlight some of my favorite resources and let me know if I can be of assistance in the future.