Saturday, January 09, 2010

Another Knoxville Nonproft Closes with a Whimper

WBIR in Knoxville is reporting the closure of the National Kidney Foundation local office. Nonprofit organizations seem to be closing a record rates. The economy may be picking up but nonprofit organizations are behind the curve.

Boards of Directors are legally tasked with fundraising and financial management of charities. Many of them are shaking their heads and wondering how they are going to wade the murky waters. Nonprofit charities don't measure their results in cash flow but in the number of lives that are changed. The irony is that when the economy goes sour there are more clients to be served.

Even if we don't have a kidney disease the closure of the National Kidney Foundation in Knoxville effects us all. We all have our favorite charities. It's time to work hard to keep them from closing. We'll be posting tips in a future article.

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