Monday, July 16, 2012

Show tribute to Susan Murphy Milano raises awareness; conquers cancer

Susan Murphy-Milano has been long recognized as a crusader for victims of domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence. She has faced an uphill battle in her crusades for justice. Now, she fights for the battle of her life.

Susan is facing a diagnosis of Stage IV cancer. Like many uninsured Americans, her medical care is being compromised by a lack of funding. It is a story that advocates across the U.S. are too familiar with. Too often, the victims we take care of face the possibility of losing health insurance. Policies are expensive so agencies can't provide them and advocates can't afford them.

To try to help Susan Murphy-Milano, friends have gathered to create a special segment of D-Talks Radio. The show features Denise Brown (sister of Nicole Brown Simpson) and Danielle Pierre (Life Coach to the Stars). It is a tribute to Susan that honors her work and raises awareness of both intimate partner violence, cancer and the plight of uninsured Americans.

You can catch the internet radio show at You'll find directions for donating on the page (although neither donations nor a fee are required to download the show). The broadcast is available on demand. Share the link with others who may be interested. It's impossible not to walk away inspired.

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