Monday, July 09, 2012

Radio show tribute for Susan Murphy-Milano; Conquering Cancer

Please help us spread the word about an internet radio tribute for nationally recognized, Susan Murphy-Milano. She is a an inspirational champion for domestic violence survivors. Now, she is fighting a battle with cancer as an uninsured American.

D-Talks Radio Show is hosted by Denise Brown and Danielle Pierre. The show was originally set to air on Thursday, July 12 at 9 p.m. However; technical challenges have caused the producers to reschedule to Monday, July 16th at 9 p.m. EST  at Will you help us spread the word by posting the link to your favorite social media site and by sharing it with contacts who may be interested? 

Show participants include:
  • Delilah Jones - President of Imagine Publicity   
  • Anne Bremner- Seattle Attorney, and one of the Nation's most recognized Legal Analysts     
  • Burl Barer- True Crime Author and Radio Host
  • Denny Griffin - True Crime Author and Radio Host
  • Diane Dimond- Newsweek Investigative Reporter, Journalist and Author, Media Analyst
  • Diane Fanning- True Crime Author and Crime Novelist, Author of Mommy's Little Girl
  • Donna Pendergast - First Assistant Attorney General-Criminal Division, Michigan
  • Dr. Laurie Roth - Syndicated Radio Host, Author and Presidential Candidate
  • Gayle Crabtree - Founder of Hope For Healing, Org., Advocate and Trainer for Intimate Partner Violence in the Church, Author of Does God Love Me
  • Robin Sax - Fox 11 Los Angeles Legal Analyst
  • Jillian Maas Backman - Intuitive Life Coach, Author of Beyond the Pews
  • Neil Schori - Pastor of Naperville Christian Church and Advocate for Victims of Abuse
  • Pamela Chapman - Advocate and Transitional Healer from Abusive Relationships
  • Holly Hughes - Attorney and Legal Commentator for HLN and CNN
  • Sandra Brown - CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education, Author of Women Who Love Psychopaths and How to Spot a Dangerous Man
  • Vito Colucci, Jr - Private Investigator, former Undercover Police Officer, Media Analyst, Radio Host
This groundbreaking radio show promises to inspire any victim of domestic violence. Susan Murphy-Milano has made it her life's work to be there for others. We invite you to be there for her. Please share the show link and be sure to tune in to the above link on  Monday, July 16th at 9 p.m. EST .

Be on the lookout  for Susan's latest book "Holding my hand through Hell". It is the powerful story of her own personal triumphs and how God worked within her life to bring her through, hell. Due out fall 2012.

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