Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Presenting a workshop on teen domestic violence

We're gearing up to present on teen domestic violence Thursday. The workshops will be held in partnership with another nonprofit organization in the Knoxville/Oak Ridge area.

At Hope for Healing.Org we're always glad to work with other nonprofits. It expands the team and broadens the impact that we can all have on the attendees. Discussing teen domestic violence is difficult. It's never easy to think that our kids could be victims of something so heinous.

The fact is that like adults, teens become victims of domestic violence daily. Many of the high school girls that you talk with either know someone who is a victim or is in an abusive relationship.

I would like to say that we don't see this in the kids that we work with. The problem is that we do. But it goes further than that. High school victims of abuse are more likely to become victims of domestic violence in adulthood. They can also have a long list of problems in that affect their high school performance.

This is a hard subject to discuss but one that we must have. If you aren't sure how to talk with your teen about abuse contact the National Teen Dating Hotline for help.

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