Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Expanded web hosting options decrease downtime

Almost every company relies on the internet to some extent. Whether its to sell products or increase brand awareness no one can doubt the power of being online. These days it's critical that every nonprofit and for profit business have a snappy user friendly website.

Our website has had its share of ups and downs. We had to leave a couple of web hosting companies because of excessive down time. It goes without saying that reliable web hosting is a must.

We found that a managed hosting solution was right for us. This way, someone else can keep the servers running while we try to maintain all of our services. Hope for Healing.Org doesn't have to worry about tech support or creating online back-up files. It's all done by the hosting company we use.

We've never owned much in the way of tech equipment so colocation isn't something we've had to be concerned with. This is really only for companies who already own their own servers. The company may choose to locate those off-site in environmentally controlled facilities. In the event of disaster, companies that own colocation services provide reliable electrical back-ups and top level security.

Online businesses that are just starting out have a lot of decisions to make. Many companies will opt to start with a small web hosting package and upgrade to other options later. No matter which your nonprofit or business chooses to do there are two things that are certain. The internet is here to stay and your business deserves to have a top notch website with a reliable company.

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