Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What we're doing for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Teen Dating Violence is not love no matter how much teens want to believe that it is. To get the message across, February has been designated as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Before you stop reading this blog post consider these statistics:
  • 1:3 teenagers teenagers in a serious relationship reported that they have been concerned about being hurt physically by a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • One out of five of these teens say they have actually been hit, slapped, or pushed by a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • 81% of parents say that teen dating violence is not an issue or that they don’t know if it is an issue.

Victims and survivors of teen dating violence are more likely to get into fights and to perform below abilities in terms of schoolwork. It can also lead to drinking, drug abuse, and increased rates of teen pregnancy and even to suicide. Perhaps most importantly, it can become a pattern that follows the student throughout life.

As we recognize Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month we’re going to discuss more about:

  • The problem
  • Inviting guest bloggers to participate here.
  • The effect on victims and survivors
  • Special guests on our Voices of Hope online radio show
  • What we can do to raise awareness
  • Blogs that speak out
  • How churches and youth directors can help
  • Resources 

 Be sure to join our blog at the link to the right for updates throughout the month. It may be the most important thing that you do. 

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