Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Lockers work wonders for volunteer storage needs

We found something out pretty quickly when Hope for Healing.Org had a ministry center. There was a real need to keep personal belongings well away from the clothing closet area. This caused problems for us on a few occasions. A volunteer solved the problem by donating a set of lockers to us.

This tall set of school lockers was just what we needed. These were the heavy metal lockers that you probably remember from high school. Each was sized about like a gym locker. There was enough space for each volunteer to be able to put a jacket, lunch box and backpack or purse in the cabinet.

Wood lockers would probably have worked just as well. They are often heavy duty and meant to be durable.

If you are a nonprofit agency and you see a set of lockers for sale our advice would be to grab them while you can. We found out that a school locker works as well for our purposes as it does for any area school. 

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