Saturday, January 29, 2011

Parents and teen drug use; there is help

Finding out that a teen is using drugs is one of the worst moments in the life of any parent. When teenage drug use comes home parents often feel lost and confused. They wonder where they went wrong or what they could possibly have done differently.

Drug problems exist in virtually every town and in every community. We have often run across drug problems in our work with at risk youth. Some parents found out about their child’s drug use after their child failed a drug test during pre-employment screening or court ordered test.

No parent wants to get this kind of news.  They often feel isolated and ashamed. What they don’t realize is that their teens often feel the same way. Of the youth that we work with no one has talked about enjoying drugs. The kids seem to use it as a way to fit in or as a way to escape.

A teen treatment program can help by getting at the root cause of the addiction. Many programs provide some support parents as well as the child. This helps the entire family become whole again.

If you even suspect that your youth is using drugs it’s time to get help. With teenager addiction help your child can be drug free and that’s news every parent can use. 

~~Many thanks to Newport Academy for sponsoring the work we do.~~

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