Tuesday, December 08, 2009

James Landrith Rape Survivor and Activist on Voices of Hope

Special guest James Landrith joins us today on Voices of Hope at 12 Noon (EST). Be sure to join us and tell your friends as we look at the subject of male rape.

James Landrith is a publisher who knows what it is like to be a rape survivor. He is an activist and syndicated blogger, member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau. In 1997, he founded the Multiracial Activist. The organization has been cited in university courses around the globe and is often consulted by the media. Additionaly, his work and websites have been profiled or metioned in as many as 50 different manuals or books.

Learn more about James Landrith at the following sites:

As with all of our Voices of Hope segments calls will be taken live on the air. Phone into 718.506.1545. Questions may be emailed in advance to voicesofhope@hopeforhealing.org. Free podcasts are available for download 20 minutes after the conclusion of the broadcast.

This is going to be an exiting show. We hope you will join us for Voices of Hope at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hopeforhealing at 12Noon (EST)today.

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