Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Books on Domestic Violence in the Parsonage

Domestic violence in the parsonage is an issue that church leaders are beginning to address. The good news is  that only a few pastors are abusers. Most genuinely want to stop the problem and heal families. We have free resources on our website that help pastors preach and teach about domestic violence. In this blog entry we are listing some books and online resources that may help victims of domestic violence in the church parsonage.

Online Articles:
Gayle Crabtree.Com
Terror in the Parsonage: MarriageMissions.Com
Focus Ministries Pastors' Wives Support
Religion News Blog Juanita Bynum


Do  you know of other resources on domestic violence in the church parsonage that may be available? Please email gayle@hopeforhealing.org or leave a message in the comments section below.

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Hannah Thomas said...

Listing resources is SO important! Thank you! I think pastor's wifes may feel very alone.

DEBORAH'S SONG Is a good place. Jacky on this board is a Pastor in the UK, and if you are NOT in the UK she does have alternatives ways of speaking to people personally as well.

Broken People


RAVE is a good education website for pastors that they can use in the privacy of their office or home to learn about domestic violence.

Dorcas Network

Our Place this is an online support forum, and it also has a faith section. We have pastor's wifes here as well. My screen name is APP, and I'm an administrator on the site. They can most certain contact me personally if they need to. We recently got a couple of writes ups from domestic violence agencies that refer their clients to us. We are NOT counseling, but a group that has been helping abuse victims for I'd say almost 10 years. We started a new board almost 2 years ago, and it grows everyday.

I have other resources, but don't want to fill up your comment section. You can see them on my blog under resources that I have been collecting for 8 years. God bless you!