Monday, October 12, 2009

Ms. Kalyn Risker of SAFE on Voices of Hope Blog Talk Radio

We were joined tonight by Ms. Kalyn Risker of SAFE (Sister Acquiring Financial Empowerment). If you missed hearing her talk about financial issues in domestic violence don't worry. The show is availble for download as a free podcast. Just use your iTunes account or go to Voices of Hope.

During the Voices of Hope segment survivors of domestic violence had the chance to ask questions. We learned what a credit score is and how to build a good credit history. Ms. Risker of SAFE also answered questions on how to tell  your boss that you are a victim of domestic violence and if you can be fired from your job if you are a victim of domestic violence and are being stalked at work. She handled all questions with skilled expertise.

The survivors of domestic violence who tuned in to the broadcast came away encouraged. Not only were questions answered but Ms. Kalyn was positive and upbeat throughout the show. Survivors came away financially empowered. The goal of the SAFE organization was achieved.

Did we run out of time before your questions were answered on Voices of Hope? If so, please know that you can get in  touch with Ms. Kalyn Risker through the website for SAFE. Visit to start learning more about your financial future. You can also contact SAFE by phone at 1.800.757.4919.

Click here to download this Voices of Hope broadcast.

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