Monday, October 15, 2012

Holding My Hand Through Hell by Susan Murphy-Milano is available now

The latest book by Susan Murphy-Milano is available now from Ice Cube Press. It is both riveting and powerful. The abuse that Susan witnessed her mother endure at the hands of her father is something that no one should ever have the see. Ultimately both her father and mother would pay the ultimate price because of intimate partner violence.

Advocates across the country work hard to educate the public about the effects of abuse on of women and children. At no time is the story of surviving abuse more poignant than when told through the eyes of an adult who experienced it as a child. This is only part of what makes Holding My Hand Through Hell so powerful.

Make no mistake. The book is not a simple read. It is graphic and raw. At times, it can be overwhelming for survivors. When I read the review copy I had to put the book down a few times and walk away. Finally, I decided to pick it up and plunge right through. The book captured my attention so much that I spent most of the night reading it - with the light on.

I found inspiration among the pages and also frustration. Holding My Hand Through Hell chronicles the life story of Susan Murphy-Milano. In addition to her struggle to make sense out of the madness of intimate partner violence (also called domestic violence), she shares her story of how a pastor helped make the difference.

Indeed, it is this part of her journey that caused me some frustration. Not every pastor pastor responds so well to abusive situations. Many fall short of the mark because they don't know what to do. Training pastors is slow but we are getting there and this is one of the reasons why I am glad to see this book on the market.

Susan's story provides valuable insights that pastors can use to better respond to victims of violence. At the same time, Holding My Hand Through Hell reminds survivors that better days are ahead. By the end of the book, you come to realize that overcoming domestic violence may just be possible. That's a bit of hope that we can all use.

Reviews and information about the book are available on the website for Susan Murphy-Milano are also on the Holding My Hand Through Hell website.

By Gayle Crabtree

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Donna R. Gore said...

Hi Gayle! I like your perspective and insights on the book. it has multiple messages for all of us!

Donna "Ladyjustice"