Monday, October 15, 2012

I should have said this; a poem by a survivor

By Anonymous
I should have said this
a long time ago,
something bad happened
that you didn't know.
There is a reason
I couldn't say,
the terrible pain
that was caused that day.
It happened so fast
and before I knew,
I had no control
and did all I could do.
It wasn't that
I didn't want you to stay,
It just felt like that memory
would not go away.
It wasn't right
and it didn't take long,
for everything in my life
to start to go wrong.
Trying to make
that memory fade,
caused me to make
all the choices I made.
What happened to me
its usually the same,
begins with the blame
and continuing shame,
Focused on forgetting
as the years went by,
It's no wonder I crumbled
and didn't mind if I died.
There are still times
I think its my fault,
it's so hard to accept
that kind of assault.
Just as damaging
the things I do miss,
it took away love
and the intimate kiss.
Alone and not knowing
which way to go,
controlled by these thoughts
because its someone you know.

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