Saturday, June 09, 2012

Affirmations for survivors of sexual or domestic violence; the first in a series

Affirmations for survivors of sexual or domestic violence are important. Like inspirational quotes, the words of affirmation can help us get through the day. Some people have told us that they can reconnect with who they are by using them. They are popular with survivors of sexual and domestic violence, with people who are overcoming addiction or for anyone who is having a rough day.

We will be posting them to this blog over the next several weeks.Some will probably deal with some of the more complex issues that survivors may face. Our hope is that most of them will help brighten your day and provide encouragement.

Many of the writings will come from our book, 365 One-Line Affirmations for the Abuse or Sexual Assault Survivor. Others are also welcome to submit their own works to support others. For search engine purposes,  simply ask that the bulk of the post not appear on another website.

This article is the first in a series. Our next article will begin the affirmations. Sign up for email delivery to receive them in your inbox or follow this blog. We wish you Godspeed in your healing process.

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