Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winning the hearts of others

Article by guest blogger 
Frank DiCocco

Winning the Hearts of Others
Teaching Minds & Touching Souls, Turning Futures & Transforming Lives

Transformational Leadership means more than transforming negative results to positive ones.
It means turning the minds and changing the hearts of others. It means shaping attitudes and developing habits, guiding dreams and inspiring achievement, and changing more than just a culture, but truly, transforming the lives of all those within the culture.

If you would win the hearts of others, you first must pour out your own. If you would transform the futures and fortunes of others, you first must transform their hearts, minds, souls, and lives.

In order to lead people to the heights of success, you first must reach into the depths of their souls. You must tap into the core of their being, going far beyond the surface impressions and materials desires. You must dig deep into their hearts, reach into their souls, tap deeply into their minds, and immerse yourself deeply into their true essence as individuals. You must do these things if you ever wish to make a difference, because, if you will ever be able to change peoples’ directions and futures, you first must pour your time and attention into changing their lives.

Endearing yourself to people involves reaching their hearts, touching their lives, changing their attitudes, and teaching their minds.  Winning people over means getting people to watch you, listen to you, understand you, believe in you, and emulate you—to do what you say, to do what you do, and to become who you are. Endearing yourself to others requires that you pour out yourself—your time, your attention, your energy, and everything that is in you—into others.
It means infusing your discipline, drive, and determination into others, imbuing your confidence and enthusiasm into others, and breathing your life, zest, and passion for living into others.

Empowering other people involves teaching their minds, and more importantly, touching their souls. It means turning people eyes toward their own talents and abilities, and getting them to understand what they are capable of doing, and more importantly, what they are capable of becoming. Empowering others means helping people see what they can achieve, create a positive and productive plan to help them achieve it, and then providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence that will enable them to help achieve it, largely of their own doing.

Empowering others means inspiring others. It means teaching others, and it means equipping others. Truly, to empower people means to help them believe, achieve, and ultimately succeed.

Endearing yourself to others involves winning their hearts and getting them to believe in you.
Empowering others involves turning their hearts and getting them to believe in themselves.

“Leadership—like coaching—is fighting for the hearts and souls of men
and getting them to believe in you.” ~ Coach Eddie Robinson

“Great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ The Famed American Author, Mark Twain ~

Encourage & Empower Others: Show People Their Potential for Greatness
“The way to encourage others, is to elevate them by pointing out the greatness
they can achieve by utilizing their potential.”~ Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

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