Sunday, March 11, 2012

Becoming a tax preparer or enrolled agent

Most people find few things to present more of a paperwork challenge than preparing tax forms. The paperwork is almost universally disliked. As tax season rolls around, some people are earning extra income by becoming a seasonal tax preparer.
Taking a course can be a good way to learn how to file your own forms, help others and earn extra income. Once the tax preparation classes have been completed the student is on his or her way to a new career.
This is not quite the same thing becoming an enrolled tax agent. An enrolled agent are the only people authorize by the IRS to represent a client during appeals. The course of study does not require a college degree but enrolled agent continuing education requirements are required. These can vary within each organization but must meet or exceed the IRS minimum guidelines of 16 hours annually.

An enrolled agent cpe course includes classes on ethics, Tax Planning for Individuals and Sole Proprietors and Gains on Sales of Qualified Small Business Stock. It also includes courses on Health Insurance Deductions & the S Corporation Shareholder and how to represent clients to the IRS. Other courses are also required.

Interested students will need to carefully choose the right school for their needs. Online courses are becoming the way to go for a lot of people. With any institution of learning, it is important to check the reputation and track record. Other helpful aspects of the program may be a free test bank, study groups or online community forums and the availability of instructors. Those who may be interested in pursuing a career can click any of the above links for more information.

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