Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beat stress at Christmas: Volunteer

There is another way that survivors can beat stress at Christmas. Volunteer with an agency that can make a difference. Focusing on others is a big part of what the season is all about. Every survivors has a skill or skills that they can share. You would be surprised at how much even the smallest acts of kindness can help an agency. Some of the skills that our organization has needed in the past have included:

Organizing a clothing closet
What goes where is a big deal in a closet. If you have ever organized your closet or that of a family member then this is something that you can do. Thrift shops, shelters, crisis pregnancy centers often need volunteers who can help arrange a closet.

Wrap presents
Wrapping presents is a big fundraiser for a lot of charities. Your skills don't have to be perfect. Not only will it help you beat Christmas stress but its a reminder of what the holiday is all about. If wrapping isn't your thing then don't worry. Handing out fliers and telling people about the work of the nonprofit is just as important.

Help on the board
Nonprofits can only operate with the oversight of a board of directors. Check with a nonprofit near you. There may be a board position open. It's a great way to volunteer.

Social Media
These days it is critical to have a web presence. If you can blog (like this article), tweet or retweet then becoming a social media volunteer may be for you. It's an easy way to be involved and it can be a way to help beat Christmas stress.

This is tip number eight of a series. Visit the article Twelve ways to beat Christmas stress to read the first piece in the series.

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