Saturday, December 10, 2011

Use Christmas stress as energy to reclaim the holidays

One of the ways that survivors can deal with Christmas stress is to reframe it. Preparing for the holidays gives us the opportunitity to plan for and prepare for potential challenges. One thought suggests that reframing the situation may be a successful way to deal with Christmas stress.

The article Making the Most of Stress at Christmas suggests channeling the stress into positive areas. The theory is that stress can be turned into positive energy that can turn the holidays around. Instead of being a source of dread channeling the stress can be a meaningful way to take hold of the Christmas season and enjoy it.

As with everything this approach may need to be practiced before it can become perfect. Survivors have reported doing something similar to the suggestion above every day. If it can work to help us get through the day it may work to get us through the Christmas stress too.

This article is number seven on dealing with stress at Christmas. What are your techniques? Feel free to share them with others by leaving a comment below.

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