Monday, December 12, 2011

Keep expectations realistic at Christmas

Maintaining realistic expectations at Christmas can reduce a lot of holiday stress. Let's face it. No one can go to every holiday party, prepare the house, become Santa Claus, fix a big holiday meal, work (inside or outside the home), manage the kids and coordinate everyone's hectic schedules. It's impossible. 

Perfection at Christmas doesn't mean going to the most parties or winning the house decorating contest of the year. Keeping expectations realistic at Christmas can help you focus on what matters most. It can be having a quality afternoon with the kids or sipping tea under the glow of the Christmas tree. 

Forgive yourself and others if a slip-up happens. Keeping expectations realistic at Christmas can be a huge stress reducer. Don't try to be perfect. Remember, Martha Stewart may have the perfect home but she has to have a house full of staff to help her with it. Really, who wants to deal with that kind of stress at Christmas?

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