Monday, February 07, 2011

Abusive boyfriends may force some teens to get pregnant

We talked a little about teen domestic violence in a previous post. The eye-opening stats are not pretty. There is something else that needs to be talked about. Some reports are indicating that abusive boyfriends may force some teens to get pregnant.
Dr. Elizabeth Miller is credited as being the first to make this connection. In 2000, she was volunteering her services at a Boston area crisis clinic. A tragedy involving a patient made her ask questions about teens, pregnancy and teen domestic violence.

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Her questions led to a research study. In all, 61 teens from a low income section of Boston were interviewed. Of the 53 girls who where involved in a dangerous relationship 26% reported that their boyfriends were actively trying to make the girls become pregnant.

Love is Respect has a list of warning signs that could indicate that a teen is being abused. Health care providers, advocates and parents should become familiar with the warning signs. It may be time to ask the hard questions if a teenager is pregnant and any abusive warning signs exist.

Abusive behavior is about power and control. It is not about love. If you are a teen or a parent of a teen it’s ok to get help. The Love is link above provides information and resources that can make a difference. 

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