Thursday, December 16, 2010

That Company helps nonprofits achieve marketing success

You may already be familiar with nonprofits that take out ads in the newspaper, on billboards or advertise on television or the internet. When raising awareness about abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault a good advertising campaign can get the message across.

Large nonprofits like the Red Cross and Salvation Army know this. That’s why they turn to a professional advertising agency for help.

Our organization uses social media to get the word out about what we do. For us, it’s cost effective and efficient. Hope for Healing.Org has been online since 1996. We’ve learned a few tricks that other nonprofits haven’t had the chance to learn about.

That’s why a consultation with an advertising agency can be important. You don’t want to use a company that has a poorly designed website or blog that isn’t updated regularly. That Company has a user friendly website with eye-catching graphics.

Social media is an important way to tell others about your agency but there’s another ingredient to be considered. Any advertising agency that a charity consults with must have a good understanding of the nonprofit world. A company that doesn’t can render less than helpful results.

In December 2010, the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals presented That Company with the prestigious Communitas Award. This award is given to people and to businesses who give their energy and resources to the community.

Some of the nonprofits who have benefited included a juvenile outreach program and food pantry. Their work included an earthquake response group that helped bring relief to the people of Haiti.

That Company seems to have the energy and knowledge that nonprofit organizations need. If your group is looking for an advertising agency this might be the one to check out. Click through any link above to find out more.

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