Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dr Richard Weinblatt Cop Doc on Voices of Hope 12/14/10

What a great show! If you're unfamiliar with the work of Dr. Richard Weinblatt you should download the free podcast. He is the first person that you may want to contact when it comes to Law Enforcement trainings, speaking and working with the media.

His long impressive resume includes interviews with:
Associated Press
CBS Evening News
Florida Radio News
The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet 

Plus local, regional and national media outlets (see the website of Dr. Richard Weinblatt for details.)

Our goal for this segment of Voices of Hope is to help victims understand domestic violence and sexual assault through the eyes of a law enforcement officer. We often get comments and requests for information. Since we are not experts we decided to go to someone who is.

Dr. Richard Weinblatt has written several books and conducts trainings across the U.S. Find out more about him on this blog, aptly named "TheCopDoc" or through Imagine Publicity.

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