Thursday, December 16, 2010

Car buying tips for domestic violence victims

These days, all car buyers are more careful with buying decisions. It’s not just survivors of domestic violence who are being more careful. Potential shoppers often spend hours in research before stepping onto the car lot. . Then, they spend time researching the trade-in value of their current vehicle and researching auto loans.

Research is always a smart thing for car buyers but for victims of domestic violence this process can be especially important. When in an abusive relationship almost every decision was decided by the abuser. At some point in time a survivor will eventually look at autos. For some, this may be the first car ever purchased.

If this is you, it’s normal to be apprehensive. Often, survivors will look at used cars with high mileage. This may or may not be a good option for everyone. It can be more important for a survivor of domestic violence to have a dependable car than it is for the general population.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at autos for sale. We always consider price but there's more to car buying that that. The following tips may help you find the right car for your needs.

That car may look great and run even better but if the insurance payments are high it can be a nightmare to own. Do yourself a favor, call your car insurance company before you purchase.

Have a mechanical check done.
It can be hard for a victim of domestic violence to question what someone tells them. When it comes to buying a car it’s important to have a vehicle check done. A mechanic can put the car on the rack and spot things that you’d never think to ask about. It may cost a few dollars but can prevent headaches later. A check can also verify that the car you are considering really is right for you.

Try out the car seats.
Nothing is worse that buying car, putting the car seat in it and finding out that your toddler has no room for her feet. Don’t guess at how much space you have. Put the car seat in before buying.

Vehicle report.
A Carfax motor vehicle report can provide background information on the car you are about to purchase. This is something that frequently has to be requested. Like the mechanical check, domestic violence victims may have a hard time asking for this. Remember, that there is nothing wrong with asserting yourself when it comes to autos for sale or any other time. It’s ok to ask for the report.

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