Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When to call in pros for Las Vegas pest control

Elite Pest Control provides Las Vegas Pest Control services to homes and businesses. We don’t often think about bugs in the winter but those creepy crawlies can come in any time of year.  The time to look for pest control services is before they come into your home and set up housekeeping.

 A good pest control company in Las Vegas will know how to handle any type of insect.  The truth is that not all bugs are bad. Some of them, like lady bugs and butterflies can be fun to watch. Knowing which bugs are more helpful than others will help us decide if we can treat them on our own (or want to). It will also tell us when to start looking for pest control services in Nevada.

For example, honeybees are helpful for pollination and for the honey they produce. Africanized honeybees are also known as “killer bees”. You don’t want to try to remove these by yourself. These are pests that require removal by professionals.

There are some interesting bug facts on the company’s website that can help with your decision of when to call in a Las Vegas Exterminator.
  • A honeybee may visit over 2,000,000 flowers to extract enough nectar for one pound of honey.
  • Did you know that a single female yellow jacket begins a new colony each spring?
  • Cockroaches may be one of fastest moving insects but they are also known to cause asthma and allergies.
  • Butterflies are not only beautiful to watch but they taste with their hind feet.
We often worry if pest control products are safe for use around our children or even our pets. A commercial pest control company will have products that can be safely used in any home. Companies like Elite Pest Control will have technicians that are not only licensed, bonded and insured but have the training to get the job done right.

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