Thursday, November 11, 2010

Domestic violence awareness to Jubilee Project in Sneedville

Jubilee Project is one organization that received domestic violence information from us. Click through the link to see the number of services that they provide. We think that you'll be impressed.

Isolation of victims makes domestic violence a special concern in this mountain community. The youth they work with are not strangers to family violence. The Jubilee Project doesn't provide specifically services to victims but they do a lot to raise awareness and provide material support. Much of this is done with victims who, for a variety of reasons, have not chosen to come forward for advocacy services.

Hope for Healing.Org was able to bring them a few personal care items from our collection with Hope for Victims. These were specifically given to us by a donor who asked for them to go to a "rural undeserved community". The donor was excited to know that her donation went to Jubilee Project.

Volunteers work with us to create purple ribbon cards each year. We gave some of these to Jubilee Project along with some awareness posters for youth. 

If you need purple ribbon cards for your youth let us know. Email us at Volunteers to help us create the cards are always welcome. 

Thanks for helping us continue our mission of to educate, provide Christian support and 
healing to victims of sexual or domestic violence and give hope to the people who love them. 

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Amy said...

A few years ago, we had a grant at Jubilee Project called BRAVE (Break Away from Violence Everywhere) that educated the youth about dating violence and violence in the home. It was a UMW Brighter Future grant. Jubilee Project does great work, and so does Hope for Healing.