Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Online investment terms abuse survivors need to know

Victims of domestic violence who have funds invested will sometimes have to move them. This can potentially protect investments and physical safety. Fortunately, many options are available. If investments have been handled by an abuser it’s important to learn some basic terminology.

This article isn’t written to give financial advice to a victim a domestic violence. It has only been written to help survivors understand some of the most basic terms that are used in the investment world.

Online Trading – This simply means that stocks are sold and purchased online. In this financial culture it is becoming more common for investors to take matters into their own hands. This type of trading is a popular way to do just that.

Online Broker – This person acts on behalf of an investor to execute trades of stock or other investments. It is typical for them to earn a percentage of any profits made during the transaction. Access is handled online. The fees charged by online brokers are typically much less than a traditional broker might charge.

IRA Accounts – IRA is an acronym that stands for individual retirement arrangement. It is also referred to as the acronym for individual retirement account. This simply helps investors set aside funds that will be available after retirement.

Mobile Trading – Smart phones can allow you to buy or sell stocks on a moment’s notice. Once you get set up for mobile trading you will be able to receive stock quotes in real time and instant access your watch lists and portfolio.

Stock Trading- This is the buying and selling of stock or other investments. It is frequently being handled by one of the methods mentioned in this article.

Survivors of domestic violence who need to protect investments need to thoroughly educate themselves. Financial resources that are specific to victims include the Allstate Foundation and NewSafeStart.org.

The links above will take you to the FirsTrade.com website where you can find more information.

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