Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Time's Up evidentiary affidavit for both men and women

In a previous blog article we talked about the book Time's Up. Susan Murphy-Milano has put countless hours and years of working with victims into the creation of this book. One of the key elements it discusses is how to create and evidentiary affidavit that can help in cases of domestic violence.

The best thing about the evidentiary affidavit talked about in Time's Up is that it can be used for any victim. This means that both women and men may benefit equally by creating the evidentiary affidavit. A video like the one below can put vital information into the hands of law enforcement when it's needed the most.

Here is a sample video of a man who used the tools discussed in Time's Up. To learn more, listen to our free podcast on Voices of Hope. 

(If you do choose to purchase an ebook please use the link on the sidebar. Susan Murphy-Milano will donate $5 to our organization for each copy sold through this link only. Purchasing a hard copy from this Amazon.com link will donate a tiny percentage to Hope for Healing.Org.)

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