Saturday, October 16, 2010

Posters from Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic Sexual and Violence

We've already been asked about the posters we gave to youth workers at the fall bazaar. These came from the Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (TCADSV) earlier this year.

The information from the TCADSV are great posters for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Since they aren't dated for October 2010 they can be used all year long.

The posters are geared toward youth and are perfect for teachers, youth pastors, ministers, coaches, Sunday School leaders or anyone else who works with teens. Let's put it this way. If you work with youth you need to have one of these posters.

Our supply is almost exhausted. If you need posters for Domestic Violence Awareness Month visit the TCADSV website. You can download and print your own copy on regular sized paper. For the full size version you'll need to contact them directly.

Not in Tennessee? Your state domestic violence coalition will probably have lots of information to help you educate others. If you need posters for Domestic Violence Awareness Month contact the organization for your state.

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