Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hope for Healing.Org Blogathon 2010 how volunteers helped

Fundraising is important to the success of the Hope for Healing.Org Blogathon 2010 but so is the total support that we receive from all participants. This can’t be quantified by looking solely at the amount raised in the Hope for Healing.Org Blogathon 2010.

Many people don’t realize that every incoming link to the Hope Blog helps. What it does is increase our Google page rank. This number is very important to our sponsors and advertisers. The scale is 1-10.

As of this writing, the page rank for Hope for Healing.Org is a 5. The blog that you are reading now has a page rank rating of 4. Those are numbers to be happy about.

Let us put this into better perspective for you. The following websites are ranked in order of page rank  The corresponding number is off to the side. Remember, the scale is from 1-10. The higher the number, the better the ranking.

Here’s the page rank comparison breakdown:

10 - CNN
9- Yahoo.com
3- Best Places.com

Granted, page rank isn’t solely based on the number of incoming links, but it helps.

To our clients, it doesn’t matter what our rank is. They just want us to be there when they need us. Our volunteers work hard to make sure that happens. We couldn’t do it without you. You have our thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

Be sure to save the date for next year. See you the second Saturday of August 2011 for our next blogathon!

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