Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting an education from online Walden University

Are you familiar with Walden University? We weren’t until a student there asked us about doing an online survey. She has been professional and courteous at all times. Best of all, she is sensitive to the plight of victims of sexual and domestic violence. What school could have a better representative?

We know that some of the folks we work with will be heading back to school. There is no better way to move out of poverty than to get an education.

When selecting a school it’s important to choose a quality institution that fits your schedule. The Chronicle has information about the quality of education that Walden University offers.

Walden University is an online institution of higher learning. They offer both bachelor degrees and also advanced degree programs. Some of the programs do require that you already have had some preexisting college credit before enrolling.

Another consideration is how to pay for school. People are surprised at how affordable an education can be. Victims of domestic violence may often qualify for grants that never have to be paid back. There are also scholarships and loans to help fund an education. A financial aid advisor at the university can help you find the financial resources to pay for your education. Talk with them. You may be surprised at what they come up with.

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