Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do ceiling fans have to do with sexual or domestic violence

At first glance ceiling fans and beach resorts may have little to do with domestic violence or sexual assault. Here on the Hope Blog by Hope for Healing.Org these posts have everything to do with sexual and domestic violence.

It is sponsorships by companies like these that help keep us operating. Their support, like other online advertising, helps keep us online so that we can offer support to survivors and educate the public. 

The finances that they provide also help us provide services and feed the juvenile offenders that we work with locally. Many of the kids already know the pain of domestic violence, the many forms of child abuse or sexual assault. It is our hope that by reaching out to these kids that they gain self-confidence to reach for their dreams. 

It is true that some people will donate $5 or $10 through the Pay Pal link or by emailing us (or phoning) to make a credit card donation. We truly appreciate the support that we get. We'd be lost at Hope for Healing.Org without the generous support of individuals and the companies who help us meet expenses. (Our IRS 990 is online.)

Whether you are working with survivors online or off every dollar counts. Next time you ask yourself what fans and beaches have to do with domestic violence or sexual assault remember this post and smile. Every company that sponsors this blog helps in the fight to end these crimes. 

Everyone at Hope for Healing.Org from our founder to our volunteers are glad for every person who chooses to speak against these crimes. Our hunch is that you are glad for those who support survivors too.

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