Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did you hear Angela Dove on Blog Talk Radio Voices of Hope?

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Voices of Hope is the weekly broadcast of Hope for Healing.Org. We use this as a platform to provide support,  education and hope for survivors of rape or domestic violence and to the families' who love them. All shows are available as a free download by using your iTunes account.

Today's guest was Angela Dove. She is the author of the book No Room for Doubt. Anyone in the field of rape or domestic violence, officers and forensic experts should download the podcast. It is a true life crime story that you will never forget. It is a story of hope, perseverance and justice.

Click here for Voices of Hope with Angela Dove. Don't forget to mark the show as a favorite on Blog Talk Radio.

Many thanks to Angela for providing a much appreciated review copy of No Room for Doubt.


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog reminds me of an author i know. Angelica Harris is a domestic abuse survivor who has healed many of her own life's struggles through writing.

Check out her website and books because the two of you might be able to work together. www.angelicaharris.com

Gayle said...

Angelica is an absolutely amazing women. We were lucky to get her as a guest on Voices of Hope (our internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio).

You can listen or download the podcast from:

Angelica Harris on Voices of Hope

Click on my name next to this comment. It's a direct link to the segment Angelica Harris was on. She's a very neat lady.