Thursday, March 11, 2010

Susan Murphy Milano Voices of Hope Tues. 12Noon. EDT

War has been declared on victims of domestic violence. Susan Murphy Milano is leading the charge. She helps get victims to safety, provides protection, has testified before congress, written books and has spoken up for those without a voice.

Her latest book Time's Up is due out in April - just in time for Sexual  Assault Awareness Month.

Susan Murphy Milano is a tireless champion in the fight against domestic violence. Her blog is relevant and informative.

Voices of Hope airs at 12:00 Noon EDT. Steer your browser to No computer access during lunch? No worries. Call into 718.506.1545  to listen in, support Susan or make a comment.

A free podcast is available for download beginning at 1:45pm. You won't want to miss this segment!

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