Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anny Jacoby on Voices of Hope on Teen Dating Violence

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.  

Anny Jacoby joined us today on Voices of Hope to educate and spread information about teens who are in relationships that are mired in domestic violence. We talked about some of the signs that your teen could be a victim and signs that your teen could be partnered with an abuser. 

When it comes to domestic violence teenagers are at risk of being the proverbial "deer in the headlights". They sometimes see danger approaching in the beginning of a relationship but don't know how to stop it. Like other forms of abuse, it is important  to follow the child abuse reporting laws for your state. Parents are pivotal to prevent domestic violence and protect teenagers. 

We don't have to have all the answers. We just have to love our kids enough to talk to them about teen dating violence.

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