Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Volunteers did Saturday

Here are some of the things that were done on Saturday. This is a typical workday for us except that we had a few more hands than usual. We had a few kids with restorative justice. The goal of the projects is to teach the kids skills that they can use and to connect with the kids. Volunteers serve as one-day mentors. The projects are secondary to making a connection with the kids. It is the connections that help turn around the lives of the kids.

We made cards that will be given to shelters. A rug that is made from recycled plastic bags will eventually find its way to a shelter. When kids learn skills it builds their confidence. They then take the skills throughout their lives. After coming to us they can apply the knowledge toward making gifts for their friends, brightening their homes or maybe even start a small business someday.

The photos that you see were taken by a volunteer. The earrings on the purple cards were done during a previous session and will be sold. Items on white cards may be given to other programs or shelters. Enjoy!

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Hannah Thomas said...

How pretty! I hope you get loads of sales!

The Hope Blog said...

Thanks. We appreciate that!