Friday, November 20, 2009

Transcript of Child Sexual Assault Speech at the Lincoln Memorial in DC

A partial transcript from the speech against child sexual assault that was given at the Lincoln Memorial in DC appears on this blog. To view the transcript in it's entirely click here. You can also watch the You Tube video on this blog article.

Speaking out at the FACSA Rally in Washington, DC. The speech was given by Gayle D'Ambrosio Crabtree, founder of Hope for

"No More" Child Sexual Assault
As delivered November 14, 2009

It is time for the silence surrounding child sexual assault to be shattered, not broken. If the United States, as a nation is a body of people then the Lincoln Memorial is the conscience of the nation. Today we gather so that the conscience of the nation can declare its freedom from child sexual assault.

"No more".
"No more".
"No more".
"No more".
"No more". 
"No more" ... child sexual assault.

It is time for child sexual assault to end. We gather at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to declare our freedom from child sexual assault. We declare healing can be found for all child victims. 

What do we have to do? 

If we know a child victim it is time to pick up the phone and call our state hotline. We need to not be afraid. We know we can report anonymously. There are protections in place. We need to reach out for those protections. We need to report. We need to protect our children. We need to protect our neighbors' children and we need to do this for the benefit of our communities. 

There are programs in place where we can go online and search out for the locations of sexual predators. There are websites online where we can find the information and be wary. How many in this crowd regularly visit their state sexual predator websites to look up the information? Learning where sexual predators live is the first step in protecting our children.

Resources are available on to help you look up the location of child sexual predators. These are free searches. We must be knowledgeable. The child you may be protecting by knowing the location of predators may be your own. Or, the child may belong to your friend or family member...

Click here for the rest of the transcript.
A transcript of the invocation is available by clicking here.

After giving this speech Gayle was called "the strongest speaker on the platform" by one attendee. She frequently speaks out against sexual assault and domestic violence. helps arrange her speaking schedule. Contact them to book Gayle today.

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