Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Invocation from the Lincoln Memorial to Child Victims of Sexual Assault

Invocation - November 14, 2009
From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC
FACSA Rally for Victims of Child Sexual Assault
Delivered by Gayle D’Ambrosio Crabtree

Oh lord God,
We come to you today on behalf of child victims of sexual assault who languish in the stronghold of someone else’s sin. Child innocents wait to be rescued from abusers who are too strong for them to conquer alone. These children wait for knowledgeable adults, family and friends to do the right thing and make a phone call that will bring rescue. They wait for CPS and courageous people to bring rescue from abusers who are too strong for children to conquer alone.

We come to you today oh God, on behalf of teen victims of child sexual assault. They wait for youth workers, for clergy, for someone to notice their pain and reach out and take their hands to rescue them from abuse. They wait for comfort, hope and the knowledge that they are valued and loved.

Lord God, we also come to you today on behalf of young adults who are victims of child sexual assault. They valiantly put on brave faces while waiting to be shown a life path that is free from abuse. Their struggles with identity lead to confusion on who they are and what they believe. We pray that young adult victims of child sexual assault might find strong role models who are willing mentor and guide them.

We pray for adults who carry the burden of child sexual assault we pray for rescue. Release these adults, and all victims of child sexual assault, from the shackles of someone else’s shame. Lead them to emotional safety so they may find a new life free from the shackles of abuse.

Lead abusers from the wilderness of manipulative thoughts and harmful actions. Penetrate the hard hearts of abusers with your love. Let them see the wrong of their ways, feel true remorse so they may be healed from their sickness, accept responsibility and go and depart from their evil ways.

Lord, rescue us as a society. Purge the depravity of child sexual assault from among us. Give us judges, lawyers, advocates and staff to shore up a judicial system that sometimes serves more to protect abusers than it does to protect the victims. Give all who are sworn to serve and protect tools and knowledge rescue our streets from perpetrators of child sexual assault.

The task is too much for us to conquer without your help. Hone our eyesight. Sharpen our hearing. Guide and strengthen each of us here today so that we may never fail to hear the cries of the hurting. Give us courage release child victims of sexual assault so that we may all become the people that You want us to be.

It is in Your Name we pray,


Inspiration for the invocation was taken from Psalm 18:17-18 NIV

     17 “He rescued me from my powerful enemy,
from foes who were too strong for me.
     18 They confronted me in the day of my disaster,
but the LORD was my support
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All God's children SCREAMED Amen!