Monday, November 02, 2009

Author Lori Finnila on Voices of Hope Lunch Buffet @12 Noon 11/3/09


Join us on Voices of Hope Lunch Buffet today to meet Lori Finnila. She is an author and domestic violence survivor. Her newest title is "The Virtuous Woman". This book is an awareness raiser about domestic violence. Lori pulled herself out of an abusive relationship that had lasted for years. In the process she suffered a permanent brain injury and now encourages others through her books, internet radio show and communicating with other survivors.

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Guest Call-in Number: 718.506.1545.

Guests are welcome to call in with questions and comments. No computer access during lunch? No problem. Dial in and listen. We love it when people hang-out with us!

Don't forget to tweet it and tell your friends. See you at 12 Noon EST on Voices of Hope!

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