Wednesday, September 02, 2009

iSearchiGive Helps Raise Money to Fight Domestic Violence

iSearchiGive users you have done it again! The funds you raised for the August 31, 2009 check from iGive is $28.55.Give yourselves a pat on the back! You have used iSearchiGive to raise money to fight domestic violence and improve the lives of the people we serve.

For those of you who do not know, iSearchiGive is a Yahoo powered search engine. Whenever you do a free search from this link you will donate .01 to Hope for

That may not sound like much but you can see that it adds up! Here's a link to a previous blog entry about getting our last check. This is going to be our third check that we have received this year. We are really excited about receiving it.

Plus, when you shop online through the iGive link and join a tiny portion of your purchases can help victims of domestic violence. iGive has lots of participating stores.

So far, I have personally donated to Hope for Healing.Org by:

Ordering a wireless router from Circuit City
Using Choice Hotels for vacation stays. I used the Econo Lodge, Quality Inn and Comfort Inn.
Purchasing business cards from Vistaprint
Using Amazon.Com to buy a book

And I've used iSearchigive as my internet search engine.

Downloading the free iGive toolbar made it easier to donate and to keep track of my donations. After downloading it the searchbox sits near the top of my browser. There is a window that helps me keep track of how much has been raised in all for Hope for Healing.Org. Really, it's a neat little gadget.

I hope that you will consider joining iGive or using iSearch. They are two free programs that make it easier to help victims of sexual and domestic violence. We appreciate it. Our clients appreciate it. I hope you sign up today.

Thanks so much!

Gayle Crabtree
Executive Director

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