Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is April; help spread the word

Sexual Assault Awareness Month happens annually in April. Help spread the word to raise awareness! All you  have to do is talk with someone about it. That's it. There are no huge commitments and no costs involved.

Bloggers can create a blog article about sexual assault. Search our blog in the top left hand corner for past posts and articles or go to RAINN or the NSVRC for current stats. If you are on Twitter, tweet about it and ask your followers to RT.

Make an appointment to speak with any of the following to be sure that they know about Sexual Assault Awareness Month and encourage them to get involved. Get information from your local program or print files from the internet to take to the appointment with you.

Some of the people who may need the information include:
High school and middle school guidance counselors
Healthcare professionals
Youth ministers or anyone who works with youth
Church workers
School principals
... and others

You know who is in your sphere of influence. Please take a moment to find out about Sexual Assault Awareness Month and to share the information. It may be the most important thing that you ever do.

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