Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sexual assault awareness; How you can help do your part

By Frank DiCocco
Guest blogger

How You Can Help Do Your Part

Please read the brief attachments (included in this email) to learn more about how you can help to do your part to help make a difference in society’s quest to end gender violence:

• A Suggestion for the Month: Start a Campaign: “Rock the Ribbon & Raise Awareness”     

     (This is a campaign designed to raise awareness of April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

       It includes a call to action, along with a challenge to start a “Rock the Ribbon” campaign  

       (by wearing the color teal), to help support victims and to promote awareness & action.)

• A Challenge for the Month: “A Call to All Men” – Wake Up, Stand Up, & Step Up

       (A 1-page appeal—a Call to Action—for all men: to stand up and make a difference in

        the quest to end gender violence. It’s time to end the silence. It’s time to end the violence.)

For Coaches, Educators, Advocates, & Anyone Who Hopes to Make a Difference

I recently published a resource manual containing various initiatives, education-programs, awareness-raising activities, & other informational resources. It is entitled: “Raising Awareness & Promoting Respect” and is now available via the website, at the following link:

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