Saturday, March 10, 2012

In a whisper; Survivor poetry

This guest post was written by Susanne.
She writes:
I never saw myself as a survivor. Really. It's kind of absurd that I am at this whole survivor point of my life. You asked me what I want others to know. I want them to hang in there. If two of us have a broken wing can fly if we hold onto each other. That's what I want my message to be. 

I ranted to the silence
and I waited...
There was no answer; no knock on the door
I wailed...
Again, there was silence
I cried, pleaded, begged...
Still, the silence
when I was silent you spoke...
in a whisper
You remembered me
I whispered back
You answered...
As gentle as a kiss
a whisper answered my rage,
hope was borne
in the quietness of the stillness
You saw my pain,
and you answered
in a whisper

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