Saturday, January 28, 2012

Functional rain chains add beauty to any home

Have you ever wondered what rain chains are? I had not heard the term until it came up recently. It surprised me to find out that the simple chains can play such a part in water recycling.

Rain chains are decorative but functional pieces that hang where a gutter would be. The purpose for the chain is to guide the rain just as a gutter does. 

Usually, instead of directing the water into the ground it is directed into a barrel. By using chains rain is guided into the barrel and can used for watering the garden or lawn or for washing the car.

In appearance, rain chain often resembles a giant wind chime. Cups often look like upside down bells and may have a short piece of copper tubing or pipe between each one. This helps the rain chain direct the water on even the stormiest of days.

They are a Japanese concept that has been used for centuries. A renewed awareness in environmental concerns is expanding the concept across the U.S. Some homeowners are opting for the aesthetic appeal to the home they own instead of sticking with the standard utilitarian downspout.

A rain spout adds almost instant ambiance where ever they are placed. Some people find it soothing to listen to the clinking of a rain chain during a light spring rain. Adding to their popularity is that virtually any material can be used to create them.

Rain chains are often made from copper, aluminum or steel. Bamboo is another popular material. No matter what your style or taste there is probably a rain chain to fit your home. Find rain chains at wallet-friendly prices with these Home Depot Promotional Codes.

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