Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is the role of the church in preventing intimate partner violence

Let's talk about that on the Susan Murphy-Milano Show today at 2:00 pm (EST). Gayle Crabtree, our executive director, will be on the air live with Pastor Neil Schori. Tune in online to take part in the discussion. Together, the three will be exploring the role of the church in preventing intimate partner violence.

We believe that the Susan Murphy-Milano show is so important that it's our status update for today. Please help spread the world.

Social Media Update 10-13-2011

Tune into the Susan Murphy-Milano show at 2:00 (est) today. Learn how churches can prevent domestic violence. #dvam 

It is not unheard of for a pastor to be the first and sometimes only person that a victim confides in. To help clergy understand how to help Hope for Healing.Org has designed a training manual. In it are tools that pastors can use to raise awareness of domestic violence within their congregation.

The manual helps pastors identify potential victims that are already a part of the congregation. It also shows pastors find appropriate local resources. Of course, there isn't one book, training or manual that can provide all the answers. Domestic Violence Information for Pastors and Clergy is one resource out of many that are available. But, it is one that should be in the office of every pastor.

Examining the role of the church in preventing intimate partner violence is a powerful show that you won't want to miss. Follow Gayle on Twitter to get a reminder so you can be sure to tune in. The Susan Murphy-Milano show broadcasts online and can be shared via podcast after the conclusion.

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