Saturday, October 29, 2011

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is nearly over

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is nearly over. The good news is that raising awareness is something that can be done all year long. There is no need to wait for another October to roll around so you can make a difference.

Acts of domestic violence happen all year round but it doesn't have to. Those of us at Hope for Healing.Org and advocates around the globe believe that abuse is preventable. That's why we have dedicated so much time in October to create status updates that you can use to raise awareness. However, these udpates don't have to only be used during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. They can be Tweeted and posted throughout the year.

Why not share this with your friends and followers? Here's a status update that can be shared now.

Domestic violence awareness doesn't have to stop on Oct. 31. Get status updates at anytime. #dvam #dv #abuse

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