Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why a nonprofit needs a website

Today it's more important than ever for nonprofit organizations to have an online presence. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help boost awareness of the organization and the cause that it represents.

The problem is that many nonprofits set up a blog or Twitter account and think they are done. In reality, it is just as important to have a static website as it is to have a blog.

Blogs and social media platforms are great for updates on activities, speak-outs, and volunteer needs. They're designed to be updated quickly and easily. A static website lets an organization post general information that doesn't change frequently. A mission statement and summary of activities are better posted on a site. General information about the cause is also ideal for a website.

The ideal web hosting company will offer easy to use templates and minimum downtime. They should be large enough to handle heavy traffic to the site but still be available to answer questions. Developing the site and maintaining it should be considered to be a long term investment. If managed correctly it should improve visibility and bring in donors. In the current economy this should be good news for a any charitable organization.

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