Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs is a modern day Cinderella story

Blue Sky Scrubs is a Cinderella styled success story. Shelby Marquardt is the founder of the company. When she was a medical resident she needed a scrub hat that was both stylish, comfortable and would fit her long hair. When the ones she tried wouldn't work she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Her first Pony Scrub Hat® was made from scraps of fabric right in her living room. Not only did she enjoy the scrub hat but so did her colleagues. Soon, much of her time off from work was devoted to making them

Other hats and a full line of scrubs soon followed. Lab coats, shirts, jackets and accessories have been added to the product line. Now, products made by the company are being proudly worn by medical professionals all around the globe.

Shelby Marquardt could have been content with the success of her company. Yet, there was one more thing that she wanted to do. Project Blue Sky was created so that cancer patients could have the hats they need. Blue Sky Scrubs sends a hat to a cancer patient or to the purchasing customer with every order.

It can be hard for women who are hurting to find encouragement. Who would have thought that a company with a worldwide impact could be developed out of such limited resources? Every time a woman operates successful company she becomes a beacon of light to others.

The lesson here isn't that everyone who reads this article will go on to run large companies. The lesson is that we can all try to live our dreams. And that, can bring encouragement to us all.

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