Thursday, June 02, 2011

How to donate scrubs to your local domestic violence agency

Readers on this blog may have read a previous entry about donating used scrubs to their local domestic violence agencies. We have been asked if only womens medical uniforms are needed.

The answer will vary by program. Each local domestic violence agency decides what types of items to accept. They have to decide what will fit their program the best. When you call to ask about donating it could be that men's scrubs will be accepted.

A domestic abuse reality is that men are victims too. If they are in the medical field scrubs may be needed. Some women come into programs with kids who are in college or may take nursing or C.N.A. classes.

Basically, if you have scrubs to donate it's always worth a call to your local agency.

Blue Sky Scrubs is one of the companies where you can turn for your medical uniform needs. You can peruse their inventory at

The have medical scrub sets for both men and women. If you would need separates they can do that too. Tops and bottoms are both available. There is a Simple Scrub set that comes without designer stitching. These also use a white tie at the waist instead of a solid colored one.

Original scrubs have designer stitching on the back pockets. These use a solid color tie at the waist instead of a white tie.

Find out more through the links above.

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nursing uniforms said...

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Tara Harkins said...

There are tons of inexpensive medical scrubs available through online retailers - perhaps this season is a good time to help out!